Welcome to Sunrise Africa (Tourism Services)

"With every African sunrise experienced, whilst driving out on the road or on Safari, I've felt so inspired and lifted in my spirit that it's given me such a feeling of gratefulness, renewed hope and a positive spirit that I want to share this spiritual uplifting experience with the world! Here at Sunrise Africa we want every visitor travelling to Africa from far and wide to choose the services of Sunrise Africa.

We want to invite you to come and write your own African story and to be totally inspired by the beauty, culture and nature that Southern Africa gives. From the invigorating sunrise and the bird song announcing a new day, to the feeling of cool fresh mornings to the warmer sunny blue skies as the day continues, finally leading you to the grand finale; that beautiful breath taking sunset."  Founder of Sunrise Africa (Tourism Services) - Johan Noppe

Here at Sunrise Africa (Tourism Services), it isn't just about giving people a 'holiday', this is so much more than that.   We want to create a spectacular experience that will stay with our customers for the rest of their life!

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Johan Noppe - Founder of Sunrise Africa
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