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Aangename kennis!

"Aangename kennis" is the Afrikaans way of saying "pleased to meet you", and of course we are!

Johan Noppe is the founder of Sunrise Africa (Tourism Services) and created the business in Johannesburg in 2012 after a career in travel and tourism.  Johan realised his passion for business, as well as travel and tourism, and wanted to combine the two so that he could share his love of his home continent, Africa, with people from all over the world.

Working in multiple service industries across two different continents, with a passion for travel and a taster for how extraordinary levels of customer service can make such a difference to a clients day/life, Johan decided to seize the opportunity to start up Sunrise Africa (Tourism Services). That's why the one and only aim of Sunrise Africa is to give each and every customer an outstanding experience, and one that will make a mark on their hearts forever.

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Johan originates from an Afrikaans family and was born in the mid 1970's in the former Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) as an approximate 12th generation European African with background from both Dutch and French origin. His family moved back to South Africa after the political changes in Zimbabwe in 1981, where they settled in Johannesburg, Gauteng (part of the former Transvaal), in South Africa.   

The outdoors and nature had always been part of Johan's passion whilst growing up and during his further education studies he worked part time as a consultant in a health and fitness club, which is where he realised how much he loved working with people and helping them achieve their goals.  After his first taster of the customer service industry Johan decided to work overseas (to support his additional passion for travel) and spent a number of years in the UK working in the hospitality industry and the care sector.

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